A Testimonial from: Phil and Mary Johnson

Bryan, Spike, and others, we don’t know how to thank you and the many organizations that did such an outstanding job this past Sunday in welcoming Rebekah home.  Her uncle talked her into going to lunch on her planned party day, and even got her to wear her uniform — and as you saw, she was completely blown away by the whole event.  It is a wonderful memory that will always stay with us, and the slide show will also help us remember.

We regret not expressing our thanks sooner, but had houseguests for a couple of days after Sunday’s event.

We were so humbled by Sunday’s ceremony!!  Rebekah is a remarkable daughter and you certainly honored her.  You were all so wonderful to do this.  We wish we could have thanked each one of you — how did you leave so quickly?  We had hoped more of you would have some cake before leaving.  May God bless all who serve and those of us who support them.

Please forward this to everyone on your e-mail distribution lists.  We don’t have the addresses for many who participated on Sunday, but we want each and every one to know that their time and effort are sincerely appreciated.  Everyone’s efforts to honor our great country and the service men and women who serve her will not be forgotten.

Thank you so very much !!  And special thanks to Sponie and Sandee, who escorted Rebekah home from the airport (in the rain!!) on April 3

Warmest regards,
Phil and Mary Johnson