A thank you letter from: Deborah Burrow – Mom of two Air Force Sons and an Army JROTC son

November 1, 2011

Dear Bryan and members of the Diablo Valley Flag Brigade & Spike and members of the Warrior Watch Riders –

I just want to thank everyone for being a part of my Family’s Special Day. Nathaniel’s “Welcome Home” Event could not have been any better. The day was perfect with beautiful weather and Nathaniel even got home in time for his party (he drove 1500 miles in 20 hours without any speeding tickets, car troubles, or adverse weather)….Hooray!

Having our family, neighbors, friends, the Diablo Valley Flag Brigade, the Warrior Watch Riders, the Blue Star Moms, our Veterans’ Groups, our Mayor Laura (dressed in her Halloween “Biker Chicâ” outfit), our County Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, our Concord Police Dept Motor Officers, our Rescue and Comfort Dogs, and many other community members at our house was just Awesome! I was so touched by the large group of people who came out on a Sunday afternoon to help us celebrate Nathaniel’s safe return. Thank you….Thank you…..Thank you!

Nathaniel was so surprised when Spike and his Motorcycle gang came into Chili’s. Although, he did expect his Mom to do something for him, he did not realize it was going to be at Chili’s. The restaurant was full of people when Spike, a Navy Veteran… who can be quite intimidating…. started shouting out….*Nathaniel Burrow Stand Up*… Spike sure knows how to get the attention of a crowd….Thanks Spike…Go Navy Baby!

The staff and crowd at Chili’s were as surprised as Nathaniel, when Spike called him out “front and center.”

Spike addressed my son in front of the crowd and everyone in the restaurant joined in by clapping and Welcoming Nathaniel Home. Nathaniel loved all the attention inside Chili’s and then joined all the motorcycles, the Warrior Watch Riders, and the Concord Police Motor Officers, who were waiting outside to escort him to our house. Nathaniel did not want to ride in the parade “escort car” but instead rode his motorcycle in the parade. He had such a blast being in the midst of all the excitement and so did I as the “alternate package” in the escort car. I felt like a Queen for the Day and even had my parade Queen wave in full action.

As a Blue Star Mom, I have been a spectator at many “Welcome Home” Events. But I must say that being the Family of the recipient is the most thrilling and “Heartwarming” experience… one in which my words just can’t express how our family felt. We are still in “AWE” over the whole event and of how you all honored our son and our family.

This was truly a day that our son and family will never forget. So once again, our family sends our most sincere thanks to the Diablo Valley Flag Brigade, the Warrior Watch Riders, and our community members for coming together and “Honoring” our son…who so proudly served our Country.

Respectfully, Deborah Burrow – Mom of two Air Force Sons and an Army JROTC son
Northern CA Regional Coordinator
California National Guard Family Assistance Network
HPSC Contractor
1800 Carmel Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Cell: 707-580-3319
Email: deborah.a.burrow.ctr@us.army.mil