A thank you letter from: John and Peggy Esposito

Dear Bryan, and all of you in the Diablo Valley Flag Brigade,

Belated thanks for the work you guys do for our country and our military men and women. Special thanks for the honor you bestowed on our sons, Luke and Matt Esposito, on December 23rd. 2012. In the very worst weather you came to our home and set-up your magnificent flag in our garage, and set-up your microphone which enabled everyone huddled as they were beneath two tents, to hear the wonderful words of many of the veteran’s organizations as they recognized the service to our country of our two marine sons.

It was a day which we will never forget. We hope that the good you do for others will come back to you in multiple ways.

We would like you to accept our small donation towards your costs. We wish we could give more, but we are giving what we can. We wish you everything of the very best for 2013- and your good health to continue your good work for the military men and women of our area, and their families.

You are a true gift to all of us.

With sincerest thanks,
John and Peggy Esposito