A thank you letter from: Patty Floyd

As past president of Contra Costa Blue Star Moms, California Chapter 20, I want to applaud the folks of Operation Welcome Home (Diablo Valley Flag Brigade) and all that support their mission of honoring our military men and women as they come back home. I have seen grown men cry and families swell with pride as their loved ones thankfully are home. At each of these events CCBSM share words of appreciation, we present a handmade patriotic pillowcase, and then hug the recipient.

I will never forget when I presented one to a young Staff Seargent that was returning home for the last time after five deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was so moved and struggled to hold back tears at this welcome home when he saw all the people with flags to welcome him. When I presented the pillowcase and gave him a hug, he whispered in my ear .You just don’t know how much this means to me.

I also was very fortunate to have a Welcome Home for my son when he returned from his deployment in Afghanistan. He was surprised at a restaurant by the Warriors Watch Riders and escorted home where friends, family, Blue Star Moms, JROTC, Boy Scouts, and the community waited with signs and flags. He was floored! I got to see first-hand how it effected my son and how he will take that information back to Afghanistan and let the others know that they are supported here at home. This will stay with him for a lifetime.

Well that did it for me and I have been hooked ever since! If you have not participated in one of these Welcome Homes…come on out and see the difference they make.

Patty Floyd
Past President
Contra Costa Blue Star Moms
California Chapter 20
Proud Mom of Two Soldiers