A thank you letter from: Tami & Bob & Audrey McEachran

Dear Brian Welden,

You are very humble. It is people as Yourself, and the Brave who Fight and Defend the World for the Safety of Others. Putting their desires aside to protect & save the Souls who have come Before them and After. They are defending the Light against the Evils of the Dark Side.

Sacrificing. Defending. Heroes, Knights, Warriors, Patriots. Placing their wishes to be with their families & friends aside for the better good of mankind…. as well as the families & friends & the souls who stand behind their men & women whom they are separated from, for the this Fine Nation & the World.

The Land of the free & the Home of the Brave ! We are so very fortunate. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who needs to hear this. Thank You to All, just the word thank you is not enough to Express our Gratitude, Appreciation and Our Love for Each and Everyone of the Light.

May God Bless You & Yours Forever. Please know that You have Blessed the World ! And the Future World.

With God’s Special Blessings,

Tami & Bob & Audrey McEachran
Wilma & Dean Myers (My father who is a WWII Navy Disabled Veteran, on the USS Fortune, who is now watching from up above …
Verle “Dean” Myers…passed away from a long struggle with Lung Cancer on August 17, 2012…