Chris Kyle The 214 Mile Tribute “America’s Deadliest Sniper”

by Cowboy Dave

Many Americans are only now hearing about the legendary exploits of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who was killed in Texas Sunday, but Kyle earned a reputation as a hero among his colleagues and a terror to his enemies years ago on distant battlefields.

With more than 150 confirmed kills, Kyle was undisputedly the deadliest sniper in American history before he left the military in 2009. He wreaked such havoc on Iraqi insurgents during the Iraq War that they reportedly nicknamed him the Devil of Ramadi and put a $20,000 bounty on his head.

In his memoir, “American Sniper,” published early last year, Kyle wrote about what was to become his most famous shot — taking out an RPG-wielding insurgent at 2,100 yards. The kill was one of the longest sniper shots in history. At such distances, snipers have to take the rotation of the earth into account when making their calculations.

“Maybe the way I jerked the trigger to the right adjusted for the wind… Maybe gravity shifted and put that bullet right where it had to be,” he wrote.

Brandon Webb, who helped instruct Kyle in the SEAL sniper course early in his career, told ABC News Kyle may go down in history “as one of the world’s most accomplished military snipers,” but he always remained humble.

“He didn’t want to publicize the number of kills,” Webb said on “Good Morning America.” “It was about the lives he saved in Iraq.”

Chris Kyle wowed us with his skills on the first season of NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes, where he and his partner, Dean Cain made it into the finale. Tragically, the former Navy Seal, who is also known as the most lethal sniper in The United States, was shot and killed.

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