Goodbye Lawrence


We have to say goodbye to our most dedicated member today in the Operation Welcome Home program, Lawrence, the (Livermore Lab) our most senior veteran therapy dog has passed on to a peaceful place in heaven, he has served his whole life for the soul purpose of bringing joy to others, we are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity of being in his presence, we will truly miss your kind soul, Thanks for all you’ve done, in serving others, from all of us at DVFB, rest in peace, Lawrence.

Lawrence truly had a special gift of working with people.  Pat has hundreds of stories about Lawrence’s gift, and I saw one vignette  during the program at the VA that day.  One of the vets became agitated and was yelling and screaming during the speaker’s talk.  Several attendants rushed over but could not calm him down. The speaker continued on as if nothing was going on, but everyone was clearly more focused on the vet than the speaker.  Pat and Lawrence were sitting a few chairs away.  Lawrence nudged Pat as if to say, “I’ll take care of it.”  He then walked over to the vet and put his head on his knee.  The vet calmed down immediately and began petting Lawrence.  Afterwards, Pat told me that Lawrence had done this several times in his many visits to the VA.  After the program, I went upstairs with Pat and Lawrence and watched as they visited the patients in their rooms.  Pat and Lawrence were an incredible therapy dog  team and it was this day with them that inspired me to become a team with Bijou.