Help Assemble Care Packages For The Marines With The 3rd Battalion 7th Regiment

I’m very pleased to see a lot of you wanting to help. Within a hour of sending this notice out last night, a dozen of you were asking where to drop stuff off. Wow! The support from this community is a beautiful thing. With that said, I have four options:

1). drop all week at Len Hack’s office, RossMorgan & Associates, 145 E. Prospect Avenue, Suite 200 Danville, CA 94526
2), drop at Starbucks on Saturday, 7th. – 11 to 3pm. across from Vets. Memorial building, Danville, (T-shirt stand)
3). Jessica Hahn house, 2114 West brook Ln. Livermore
4) take to the welcome home on Sat. where I will drop off at Jessica’s house

All this stuff has to be dropped off by Sunday morning at Jessica’s so she can get it sorted with girl scout letters and get it sent out. Once again, thank you all for your overwhelming support!!

Hi everyone,

As some of you know, and some did not, my cousin Denise and her husband Arnie lost their 19 year old son in the war in Afghanistan on November 18th. Lcpl Joshua Corral AKA “Chachi” was on his first deployment serving as a proud Marine for 3/7 (3rd Battalion 7th Regiment). Many of you may have seen coverage of his death all over the news. He was from Danville and graduated just last year 2010 from San Ramon Valley High. He is our Angel Warrior now. As hard as it is my family continues to send care packages to his unit to show our support and love and HONOR our Chachi. Recently we were sent this message from another soldier asking for help, not for himself or his unit, but for all the 3/7 Marines. (His letter is at the end of this email) My cousin Chachi wanted so much to make a difference and I believe he has and will continue to from Heaven. I know this is such short notice but I would like to have our Brownies help in continuing Chachi’s mission. With that said, anyone that is available to help donate items and/or help package these goodies, I am opening my home up on Sunday at 10am to gather anything and package what we can to send to these troops. You can just drop off items as well. Also, feel free to have the girls write a small letter. This is also a good way to teach these girls that receive so much to help others that need our help. Thank you all.

PS- you can read more about my cousin at his new website
Also, I will pay for all postage. If you need other ideas of items to send Please let me know, I have a whole list of items needed. Thank you.

Ok so I was just informed by our Chaplain that there are Marines with 3/7 (that is a grunt unit) that are literally getting no care packages because the people that were sending them packages ran out of money. I can’t think of a better way to do something for someone than to send a care package to some Marines who can actually die the next day after getting that care package. The Marines here at my command are safe on base and aren’t getting shot at or anything. We don’t need anything that we can’t deal without but these grunts need the support of everyone so this is my challenge to you and all of those people that wanted to send care packages to me and my squadron; get them to send packages to these grunts because they are the ones that need it. My challenge to those people that wanted to send my squadron packages: I challenge them to get one other person to send those grunts packages and so on because if we can brighten the day of these Marines and they have a full stomach or they were just able to get a piece of candy maybe when they are out patrolling they won’t be thinking about home so much and they will live to fight another day or maybe they will see that IED and not get blown up and lose their legs or arms. You never know what impact that a little something from home can have on the life of someone. So hopefully these Marines can get taken care of. The contact that I have for that Unit is their Chaplain. He will be the one giving out the packages. From what I have heard these are some of the things that they don’t need but want:

Slim Jim’s
drink mixes
Nutty bars
little Debbie snacks in general
Hand written letters that say Marine not soldier

The holidays are coming up. Please spend 30 less dollars on yourself or family and send a package to some people that will be truly grateful for the gift of a twinkie.

Thank you for your help and support.