“To the ones I love” in memory of USMC LCpl. Sara Castro Mata, “We will never forget”

To the ones I love
When I leave, let me go, I have many things to see and do. Do not cling to me with your tears, rather be happy that we had many years together. I gave you my love and I hope you know how happy that made me. I give you thanks for all the love that each of you granted me. But now it is time for me to travel alone. Mourn me only for a short while if you have to and then let your pain subside, because we will only be separated for a while. And blessed are all the memories your heart. I will not be far from you and life does go on. If you need me, call me and I will come. Although you will not be able to touch me, I will be here with you. And, if you listen to the beat of your heart, you will clearly hear my love for you. When your time comes for you to walk your own journey, i will be here to welcome you with a bright smile and I will say, “welcome home”